Notaries public serve as impartial witnesses to signing important documents, administering oaths, and carrying out other duties that require a reliable witness. 

However, what happens if you require notarization services while out of state? Can a notary public from your home state provide the necessary services? 

Here’s what you need to know about out-of-state notary services.

What Is a Notary Public?

Notary publics are people authorized by the government to witness the signing of documents. The notary’s role is to verify the signatory’s identity and ensure they sign the document voluntarily and without coercion.

Notary services are required for legal documents such as affidavits, deeds, powers of attorney, and wills. A notary’s signature and seal on the document indicate that the signatory has been determined and that the document has been signed voluntarily.

What Is an Out-of-State Notary Service?

An out-of-state notary service is when a notary public from one state provides notarization services in another state. This can also occur when a document needs to be signed in another state or when the signatory is in another state but needs a document notarized by a notary from their home state.

Notaries are not allowed to perform notarizations outside of the state they are commissioned. Therefore, if a notary is not commissioned in the state where the document is being signed, they cannot provide notarization services.

Can an Out-Of-State Notary Service Be Used?

In some states, out-of-state notary services are allowed. The notary must follow the laws of the state where the document is being signed. For example, if a document is being signed in New York, the notary must follow New York state laws regarding notarization.

Many states have enacted the Uniform Law on Notarial Acts (ULONA), which allows notaries from other states to provide notarization services in their state. However, not all states have adopted this law, so always check the local laws before relying on an out-of-state notary service.

What Are the Requirements for Out-Of-State Notary Services?

If an out-of-state notary service is allowed, there are specific requirements that the notary must meet. These requirements vary by state, but some standard requirements include:

  • The notary must be currently commissioned in their home state.
  • The notary must be physically present in the state where the document is signed.
  • The notary must follow the laws of the state where the document is being signed.

Additionally, some states require out-of-state notaries to obtain a special permit or register with the state before providing notarization services.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring an Out-Of-State Notary Service?

  1. Convenience: If you cannot find a notary in your state or the notary services are unavailable at a convenient location or time, an out-of-state notary service can be a convenient option.
  2. Availability: Out-of-state notary services may be available 24/7, providing greater flexibility for busy schedules.
  3. Expertise: Some out-of-state notaries specialize in certain documents, such as real estate transactions or legal documents, providing a higher level of knowledge.
  4. Cost: Out-of-state notary services may be more affordable than hiring a local attorney or notary public.
  5. Speed: Some out-of-state notary services offer expedited services for urgent document signings, which can be beneficial in time-sensitive situations.
  6. Accessibility: In some cases, an out-of-state notary service may be the only option for individuals who cannot travel to a notary or live in remote areas.


An out-of-state notary service can provide convenience and ensure the necessary notarization services are available. Always check the local laws to ensure that the notary is authorized to provide services in the state where the document is being signed. In Part 2, we will discuss the potential drawbacks of using an out-of-state notary service and offer tips for choosing a reputable notary service provider.

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